Free Me from OCD

Say YES to Your Life by Saying NO to OCD.  

We'll show you how.

Imagine a future in which OCD is just the background noise to your rich, meaningful life. 


Here's how we help you get there.


Learn how human brains work. Understand your brain is not  broken. 


Access coaching tools to manage your brain more effectively to get the results you want in life.

A Safe Community

Join the OCD Haven to share your stories, get support and know you are NOT alone.


I'm Dr. Vicki Rackner, the Founder of the Free Me from OCD Community. 

I wear three hats as I coach families impacted by OCD.

  • The mother of a son diagnosed with OCD when he was in college,
  • A surgeon who has treated hundreds of breast cancer patients and 
  • A certified life coach with two decades of experience helping my clients get what they really want. 

All of these experiences help me help you get the results you want, whether you're:

  • Someone aged 18 to 80 diagnosed with OCD
  • Their their parent, partner or friend
  • Their teacher, employer or neighbor.

Are You In the Right Place?

If You Are

Aged 18 to 80 living with OCD

Their parent, partner or family

Their friend, teacher or employer


We Can Help You

Understand how brains work*

Manage your brain*

Acquire skills to take control of your life.*

* With or without OCD

So You Can

Be who you are

Know what you know

Do what you need to do.


“Dr. Vicki Rackner offers a roadmap for success and the magic elixir of hope.”


Ed Hallowell, MD, Child Psychiatrist and Best-selling Author

“Dr. Vicki Rackner has unique insights. Her advice is insightful, practical and always exactly on target.”


Dr. Alan Weiss, Organizational Psychologist and Best-selling Author  

“Don't miss Dr. Vicki Rackner!”


Elizabeth Cohen, Senior Health Correspondent CNN 

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